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CSIA Announcement on Authorizing Mr. Ruosong Wang to Associate with Relevant Russian Organizations
Date:2015-08-12 Source:CSIA


International Announcement of China Safety Industry Association [2015] No.1

All concerned international organizations and units:

In order to respond to the One Belt And One Road policy and call of the Chinese Communist Party and of China, based on the fundamental objective of long term developement, in the spirit of "going out & bringing in", to actively explore international communication and cooperation, to maintain CSIA itself on the cutting edge of International Security Emergency Internet and other technologies, following the relevant laws and regulations in China, and with the consent of the council meeting, we hereby make the following authorization and announcement:

CSIA hereby authorizes Mr. Ruosong Wang to communicate, talk and associate with relevant Russian organizations and units on behalf of CSIA regarding China-Russia communication and cooperation in safety indusry.

China Safety Industry Association
August 5, 2015

Note 1: The personal information of Mr. Ruosong Wang is kept at CSIA Secretariat.


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