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The absence of responsibility subject causes very weak community fire safety
Date:2015-07-17 Source:CSIA

Dialogue motivation 

July 11 around 11:30 P.M., a fire broke out in a 33-storey high cable shaft of 2nd unit, No. 1 building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province. Seven people were killed and 12 people were injured in the tragedy.

In recent years, high-rise building fire accident occurred quite often. We cannot help asking: What ignite the fire in high-rise buildings? Is it true that the high-rise building firefighting solely relies on luck?

Focusing on the questions above, CSIA Fire Protection branch Vice President Wang Yingbiao, who has been engaged in fire safety research and prevention for a long time started a dialogue with "Legal Daily" reporter.


Vice President of CSIA, President of CSIA Fire Protection Branch Wang Yingbiao. 

Only the first half of this year, a number of high-rise building fires took place all over the country. May 25, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, a family home in a high-rise building caught fire, and fire-fighting facilities of 40 layers in the building are utterly useless; May 7, a fire broke out in Liwan Plaza North 2802 house of Liwan District, Guangzhou, Guangdong. Smoke billowed from the top of 30-layers high-rise building, and eight people were taken to hospital for treatment; April 28, Lingshi County, Shanxi Province, Zhongkai building, which is more than 60 meters high caught fire, and two trapped Although were rescued, eventually died of wounds; April 22, Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province, in the construction of a 32-stories high-rise building, a fire broke out; April 6, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, the building under construction caught fire ......

Wang Yingbiao: Fire safety occupies an important position in the housing safety. Preventing residential fires, especially of high-rise buildings is undoubtedly an important part of housing safety.

Currently, a large proportion of the fire safety problem of housing security, especially of high-rise buildings, occurs in crowded places. A number of fires occur each year (more than 40 million -- 60million), among which the fire closely related to housing accounting for 80%. Of which there are two kinds, one is electric fires, and the other is a gas fire in the kitchen. 

Fire and water have no mercy. Fire, if not effectively controlled, must wait until the combustion completely burns out, and the destruction is complete. For the nature of this disaster, we must take the initiative to prevent and control promptly after the disaster, or the disaster will continue to develop. 

Reporter:  Raging fire seems daunting, but also exposes some worrying hidden corners. For example, in many cities, the height that fire truck ladder extended to and water  spray to is difficult to reach high-rise fire point, we can only watch the " fire " and sigh; another example, a number of high-rise buildings lack the necessary fire-fighting facilities. Fire hydrants, fire extinguishers and other firefighting supplies often seem like non-existent objects, even be destroyed or demolished; Again, some unknown fire exits instructions are diverted or closed, causing a great obstacle to the fire evacuation.

Wang Yingbiao:  Indeed. At present, residential fire work in our nation is very weak, should be strengthened. On the one hand, fire-fighting equipment of the building itself needs to be strengthened; on the other hand, the awareness of personal protection and residential fire protection needs to be improved; In addition, personal family protective equipment is insufficient. Many residents prefer to spend thousands of dollars to buy a toilet, but very few households are equipped with firefighting equipment. A lot of people think they are far away from the disaster, though there are a lot of developments in the economy, fire awareness did not catch up.

Reporter: At the same time, we notice that China's cities become higher each day. To take Wuhan City as an example, there are more than 5000 high-rise buildings for civil use and more than 200 super high-rise buildings over 40 floors or above 100 meters in Wuhan entirely.

Wang Yingbiao: It should be said that, in terms of the fire protection, there's no good way for the high-rise buildings over 100 meters. Many high-rise buildings provided with refuge floor, but a lot of people basically do not know. Meanwhile, the community fire management has many problems. Under the existing firefighting system, many people think that it is the responsibility of the fire department.  

Fire Services Act defined that who is in charge, and who is responsible. But the reality of the situation is the unclearness of responsibility subject. Community safety is a very weak link with unclear responsibility subject, and this aspect needs to be improved. 

Our country has introduced "Code for fire protection design of buildings". "Code for fire protection design of high-rise", but the current problem lies in the management and later maintenance high-rise buildings completed.

Reporter: Through consulting relevant information we found that, in fact, high-rise building fire protection is not without standards, and the associated facilities and regulations also are not without effect. If we say that some of the old house cannot be applied to current fire prevention code because of past technical level and substandard security level, then, why the fire protection ability of new buildings are so worrying just like Zijin Jiayuan that was recently on fire?

Wang Yingbiao:Our country always attaches great importance to building fire safety, has introduced the "Code for fire protection design of buildings", "Code for fire protection design of high-rise", later, merged the two specifications, and made a more detailed regulations. If we can implement these regulations, the basic security is guaranteed.  

The backward part's maintenance is important: The backward part's maintenance is important, how to manage well after finishing the high-rise buildings, and keep it in good condition? The characteristic of firefighting facilities is that it is generally not be used, but once be used must be easy to use. For the easy use, we must ensure that it is in good working condition at any time. Especially in the "Internet Plus Fire Protection" era, the most important is to start from the fire management, and promote fire protection IOT.

We need to point out that, at present, China's relevant laws exist a problem - limiting the institutional and technological innovation. For example, new law published in 2009, required fire protection products must have national standards and industry standards. New technologies and products face access problems when put into the market.  Five years after the Fire Services Act enacted, products that really got TECHNIQUE identification are not much. 

If you make the "Internet Plus Fire Protection" innovation without certification is impossible entering the market. However, to obtain a market access qualification, three years may not be able for application, and even you get the application, it may be outdated. 

In this regard, I think, the relevant law should be made some improvements, and the Fire Services Act should encourage promoting new technologies, otherwise companies are helpless for the technological innovation.

In addition, we also need two independent parallel systems: One is the socialized technical service system, and the other one is a professional fire protection supervision management system. A system in charge of rescue and alarm, the other is responsible for the implementation of operations. Establish fire technical service system through the strength of the social service system. Monitoring each region, crowded places and other places differently and managing training of personnel are all done by social service agencies, so that service really does service, monitoring really does regulatory supervision. 

Remarks: CSIA Fire Protection branch uses innovative business models to help members to develop new markets, increase fire safety products promotion and enhance focus target of public fire safety. CSIA Fire Protection branch is committed to strengthen the cooperation, contact and communication between national enterprises, institutions and individuals engaged in the fire protection industry, and exert the overall competitiveness and organizational advantages of the industry branch for the development of national fire protection industry.

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