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Signing ceremony of CSIA and Ma'anshan City successfully held
Date:2015-07-18 Source:CSIA


CSIA awarded Ma'anshan City the title of "Demonstration City of China safety Industry"


CSIA signed a cooperation agreement with the Ma'anshan Municipal Government.


Conference Scene.

July 18, cooperation projects signing ceremony of CSIA and Ma'anshan City was held in Ma'anshan City Convention Center. Ma'anshan Party Secretary Zhang Xiaolin, Vice Mayor Yang Yuejin, CSIA President Xiao Jiankang attended the event. 

Ma'anshan City vice Mayor Yang Yuejin, CSIA President Xiao Jiankang delivered speeches respectively. Vice Mayor Yang Yue Jin introduced the development of Ma'anshan City, emphasizing Ma’anshan's development has now reached the level of medium-sized cities in the Yangtze River Delta area. The government would take this cooperation as an opportunity to transform urban developing path, and strive to become the demonstration city of national safety industry. CSIA President Mr. Xiao Jiankang addressed that CSIA will certainly assist Ma'anshan city government in protecting urban safety, stimulating local economic development and assuming social responsibility of communication between business and government through intelligent safety emergency industry and emerging Internet Plus safety emergency industry.  

Deputy Secretary General of CSIA Luo Xiaofeng read documents "Approval of China safety industry Demonstration City" and "Approval of China Safety Industry Demonstration Base". CSIA awarded Ma'anshan City "China Safety Industry Demonstration City" title, and Yushan District "Chinese security industry demonstration base" title.  

Then, CSIA and Ma'anshan city government signed cooperation agreements on a number of cooperation projects. Jiangdong Holding and Zhong’an Hongxin reached an agreement on "Safety Industry Investment Company Projects", SINOSTEEL and Zhong’an Anxin agreed on "Safety Industry Institute Program" and signed on the spot. Astronomy Institute of Hehai University signed a cooperation framework agreement with the Three Seconds on building safety emergency training base. 
After the meeting, CSIA made in-depth post-docking with the relevant departments on "industrial park construction and planning", "Investigation and docking of safety emergency related company", "safety industry education and training", "industrial investment, corporate restructuring" and other project issues.  
Personals of Ma'anshan City Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Construction Administrative Commission, Municipal Bureau of safe Supervision, Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau, Jiangdong Holding, China Steel Mining Institute, Hehai University Wentian College and other related area also participated in the signing ceremony, which was presided over by the Ma'anshan City Government Secretary Xing Xiugui.

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