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First Industry Standard for Design of High-speed Railway is Implemented as of February
Date:2015-02-02 Source:

Code for Design of High speed Railway, the first industry standard for design of high-speed railway formally issued in China, is implemented as of February 1. 

The Code for Design of High speed Railway fully reflects great achievements in fundamental research, application technology research, comprehensive experiment and result application of high-speed railway in China, and will provide a complete set of systematic and normative construction standards to support development of high-speed railway in China and the "go out" strategy of high-speed railway. 

The Code implements the "safety first" principle, and makes clear that only MU trains can be run in high-speed railways; strengthens safety guarantee function design in terms of subgrade, bridge, tunnel, ballastless track, station, passenger station, traction power supply, communication signal, etc.; emphasizes the importance of "people first", and the design requirements of improving service quality, e.g. convenient, quick, comfortable and comprehensive transport; emphasizes the green construction concept - four conversations and one protection (i.e. land conversation, energy conversation, water conversation, material conversation and environment protection) - in life cycle of high-speed railway; focuses on combining China's actual conditions, social and economic development level, transportation demand, environment conditions, and reasonably optimizing velocity matching, equipment matching and major design parameters of all disciplines.

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