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Yuan Jingui (NPC Deputy) Submits Suggestions on Upgrade Mandatory Automobile Safety Standards ASAP
Date:2015-03-17 Source:

Yuan Jingui (NPC Deputy) submits suggestions on upgrade mandatory automobile safety standards as quick as possible. In the suggestions, Yuan Jingui points out that traffic accidents and death rate quickly increase with the quick increase of road mileage and vehicle quantity in recent years, so it is very necessary to strengthen upgrading of the mandatory automobile safety standards as quick as possible. 

For this purpose, he suggests as follows:

I. The national automobile safety standards shall be revised according to Legislation Law. The National People's Congress shall specially form a legislation organization to ensure uniform review of national automobile standards and ensure that national standards are established in a scientific, reasonable and fair manner. 

II. Only single responsible department is listed for single national standard, without any clientage. In particular, in order to maintain the seriousness of national standard establishment and strengthen sense of duty in establishing national standards, supervisees cannot be entrusted to draft and draw out standards. 

III. All automobile safety standards shall be systematically catalogued, coordinated and perfected by the same department. 

IV. National standards shall be enhanced to the same level as that of Europe and USA as soon as possible.

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