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First Mandatory National Standard for Portable Power source will be implemented as of August 1
Date:2015-01-16 Source:

As phone screen size is increased and functions are increasingly rich, the battery life of mobile phone becomes the biggest worry of consumers. Now, consumers will keep having an uneasy feeling if they go out without portable chargers. However, a recent portable power source monitoring report in 2014 depresses consumers. Among 60 batches of portable power sources under sampling inspection, none of them meet the inspection standards, which is mainly reflected by non-fireproof shell, forged product performance, forged key parameter. Samsung, Mi and other famous brands are on the list.  

That is to say the portable power source you carry would likely be a time bomb. Although requirements for safety are put forward in a lot of international and national standards, but these standards are only applicable to the portable power source products. Explosion and other safety accidents caused by portable power source often occur in recent years, which gives numerous concerns and problems to consumers. Therefore, a mandatory standard for portable power source is formally issued, as urged by the industry, consumers and media repeatedly.

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