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Strategic Cooperation between CSIA and Russia Atlanta
Date:2015-07-28 Source:CSIA

CSIA President Xiao Jiankang, Vice President Wang Yusheng and other senior leaders are negotiating strategic cooperation in safety industry with the head of Russia Atlanta Co., Ltd. 

July 28, 2015, Morning, CSIA and Russia Atlanta Co., Ltd. reached a preliminary agreement on strategic cooperation in the safety industry and signed the Safety Industry Strategic Cooperation Memorandum. Both sides hoped to strengthen cooperation in the following projects and form a long-term strategic cooperative partnership. 

CSIA President Xiao Jiankang and Sokolov Sharansky • Vitali, head of Atlanta Co., Ltd, are signing the Safety Industry Strategic Cooperation Memorandum.

CSIA President Xiao Jiankang and Vice President Wang Yusheng extended a warm welcome for Atlanta's visit on behalf of the association. At the negotiation meeting, President Xiao Jiankang introduced the development status of China's safety industry. Sokolov Sharansky · Vitali, head of Atlanta Co., Ltd, described the present situation of the company and foreign cooperation business, and put forward the preliminary concept of the safety industry strategic cooperation mode. Extensive cooperation space aroused heated discussion between the two sides.  

CSIA President Xiao Jiankang emphasized that the cooperation of both sides should be in line with the principle of mutual benefit and based on the cooperation basis of equivalent rights and obligations. Both sides should carry out work according to the actual situation of both sides, and make it flawless connected with the national safety industry policies. Therefore both sides can achieve effective cooperation for a long time and explore new development opportunity for the two countries in the safety industry.  


CSIA President Xiao Jiankang and Vice President Wang Yusheng are taking photos with the heads of Russia Atlanta Co., Ltd.


At last, two sides drafted the cooperation method according to the content of negotiation, and clarified the responsibilities of both parties. Atlanta Co., Ltd will register and establish safety industry related association in Russia as soon as possible, and signed the comprehensive strategic partnership with CSIA through the association's platform. In addition, Atlanta is responsible for propagating CSIA in Russia, promoting CSIA IOT monitoring management platform, collecting the domestic advanced products and technologies in the field of safety industry, and recommending to CSIA.  

According to the two countries' present situation of safety industry, CSIA will develop practical and feasible business cooperation model for two sides and transform Russia's products and advanced technology in China as soon as possible. CSIA will also organize related corporations to go to Russia for investigation and investment, actively promoting the cooperation and communication among Enterprises between China and Russia.  

The two sides also reached agreements on the Russian nuclear experts' visit to CSIA and other aspects.  

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