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Nationwide Campaign to Spread Disaster Prevention and Alleviation Knowledge was launched in Beijing
Date:2015-03-02 Source:CSIA

On March 1, 2015, the launching ceremony of a large charity campaign namely "Emergency China - Nationwide Campaign to Spread Disaster Prevention and Alleviation Knowledge" (hereinafter referred to as "Emergency China" campaign) was held in the complex building of Xinhua News Agency of Beijing. The campaign will be conducted in the form of "propaganda + tour" and include one hundred propaganda to increase the popularization of disaster prevention and alleviation and to evoke the awareness that "all people shall learn and understand emergency knowledge". It is expected to have 350 million people who benefit from the campaign. 

China is one of countries who suffer frequent incidents and more severe in the world. According to the statistic data of Ministry of Civil Affairs, China National Commission for Disaster Reduction and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, various natural disasters caused 3.25 million persons were affected and 70,000 persons needed emergency life assistance only in October 2014. 

Because of dense population, our country is under much greater pressure than other countries in disaster prevention and alleviation. Disasters bring huge economic losses and mental trauma to the country and the people. However, it is unexpected that the public of our country have a poor awareness of emergency and are lack of emergency knowledge while there is a big gap in the emergency qualities compared with the public in Japan, Germany and other developed countries. 

Cui Yuanze, the director of Emergency China Project Committee said in his speech, raising the public's awareness of emergency and developing the emergency industry have become urgent requirements for improving the foundation level of security. "The stronger emergency capability the public has, the higher the starting point for the development of the emergency industry will be."

Not long ago, Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Emergency Industry issued by the General Office of State Council also strengthened the publicity and education of public security and risk awareness, highlighted promoting changes in consumption attitudes, inspiring units, families and individuals to take consumer demands for emergency goods and services concerning the escape, hedging, protection, first aid and other aspects as a priority, and required that the scale of the emergency industry should be expanded significantly and the emergency industry system should be basically formed by 2020. 

The "Emergency China" campaign is a major popularization and tour activity to implement the "overall national security concept", strengthen the education on security and risk awareness and enhance the emergency capability of all the people. 

According to the Sponsor, in the form of television, Internet, paper media, charity party and emergency pioneer reality show the campaign will be completed in one hundred cities in phases to spread disaster prevention and alleviation knowledge in the provinces, and the emergency knowledge propaganda will be combined with the emergency rescue experience to enhance the awareness that "all people shall learn and understand emergency knowledge" and comprehensively improve the disaster prevention and alleviation capability of our country. It is worth mentioning that a special charitable foundation for "Emergency China" has been established for this campaign, for the purpose of providing emergency supplies and equipment for schools, hospitals and other institutions in poor areas and training in emergency management skills. 

The first phase (2015 to 2017) is expected to cover 30 activities and Beijing is taken as the first station and Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin and other first-tier cities are included. 

At the same time, a special charity campaign "Emergency China - Donation of Disaster Prevention Classrooms for One Hundred Poor Schools" in the "Emergency China" project was also launched. 

Subject to a variety of factors, China's education on disaster prevention and alleviation is still in its infancy generally and there are many voids, especially in remote rural schools. The Ministry of Education has issued Guide of Emergency Evacuation Drills for Primary and Secondary Schools and Nursery Schools to require primary and secondary schools to carry out the emergency evacuation drill once every month at least. Opinions of the State Council on the Overall strengthening of Emergency Management issued by the State Council also requires schools to conduct the education and popularization of security and emergency protective knowledge. But in remote rural primary schools, due to blocking traffic, economic underdevelopment, the lack of software and hardware facilities and teachers' lack of emergency knowledge, there is no the education on disaster prevention and alleviation and emergency materials are out of the question. Natural disasters including earthquakes, fires and landslides happen occasionally in a mountainous area, so teachers and students in rural schools have the urgent need to raise the awareness and capability of disaster prevention and alleviation. 

Everyone is equal before a disaster. The charity campaign "Emergency China - Donation of Disaster Prevention Classrooms for One Hundred Poor Schools" for three years (2015 to 2017) aims to build a disaster prevention science classroom for remote rural schools, provide a number of emergency supplies for each classroom, establish an emergency management team and improve the first aid skills of teachers and students in the face of natural disasters and emergencies. 

It is reported that the "Emergency China" project from the name, LOGO to the planning program has been put on records by NCAC and protected by intellectual property. Registration numbers are GZDZ -2015-F-00172191 and GZDZ -2015-L-00172192.

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