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The First Comprehensive Experience Center of Zhuhai is Completed
Date:2014-12-11 Source:CSIA

How to be smart to tackle problems when we come to fraud or theft? How to protect ourselves when we meet with an earthquake or the fire? We can experience and learn these common emergency scenarios and emergency knowledge in the comprehensive emergency experience center of Jinwan District. As the city's first emergency experience pavilion, the center will be opened to the outside world in the near future with the total area of about 7.8 million square meters and six thematic experience areas set. 

In the experience center, the six areas are designed clearly and all kinds of equipment are readily available. The security experience area shows various theft tools and posters of typical cases and the public can also listen to fraud telephone recording to identify various fraud tricks. In the fire experience area, the public can simulate alarm and fire fighting and can also experience the escape from the infrared smoke maze. In addition, the center also set up anti-drug propaganda area, traffic safety experience area and emergency experience area, etc. 

"The experience pavilion we set relies on the simulation of scenarios and some crime tools of the scene." Liao Fucheng, the staff of the comprehensive emergency experience center of Jinwan District, tells reporters, the biggest feature of the center is to experience interactive projects so that those who experience are exposed to a variety of simulated emergency environment to quickly obtain emergency self-help knowledge. 

The reporters learn that the emergency disaster area is the most realistic and exciting among the six areas. For example, after those who experience go into the earthquake experience pavilion and start up, the entire pavilion will violently shake up, just like a real earthquake scenario. 

"Currently, all the equipment of pavilions has been installed and is being debugging. It is expected to open in the near future and group reservation is provided now," Liao Fucheng says.

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