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Sichuan Develops the Emergency Industry to Find New Growth Points
Date:2015-02-16 Source:CSIA

After taking the lead in the implementation of the evaluation and review reform to carry out the parallel evaluation and review, Sichuan took a new measure on February 13 to combine the parallel evaluation and review with the development of the emergency consulting services and actively promote the park and industrial enterprises to seriously implement the Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Accelerating the Development of the Emergency Industry (hereinafter referred to as Opinions) to enhance the risk resistance ability and ensure the national public security and public property security. 

The development of the emergency industry will be promoted in three aspects. 

According to Pan Zugao, the Chairman of Promotion Association, the Promotion Association will promote the development in the emergency consulting service industry of Sichuan in the following three aspects: first, establish a multi-level and multi-type personnel training and service system of the emergency industry to train high-level, innovative and complex-type emergency management personnel with an international perspective; second, further take full advantage of the parallel evaluation to build a brand of emergency management consulting services and promote the sustainable development in the emergency consulting service industry of Sichuan; and  third, assess risks, troubleshoot, establish an emergency management system and provide other protective technological supports for the industrial park and its enterprises to enhance their risk resistance ability and level. 

The emergency industry involves a number of emerging industries. 

In recent years, the emergency industry of Sichuan has been developed to some extent. For example, an innovation chain structure from scientific problem tackling to commercial production, sales and services has been established in the earthquake early-warning technology by which a new growth point is found for accelerating the development of the emergency industry of Sichuan. In 2014, the sales revenue of earthquake early-warning products was 15 million yuan. With the awareness of earthquake early warning of the public, the annual output value of the products is expected to be more than 0.1 billion. "For the emergency industry is a leading industry, its rapid development will drive the quality and efficiency improvement of service industry, manufacturing industry and other industries to form new economic growth points." An expert in Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences takes the emergency logistics industry as an example. This industry includes procurement, warehousing, packaging, dispatching, distribution and even subsequent recycling and can provide a strong impetus for the upstream and downstream industries. After the Central Government made specific arrangements for the development of the emergency industry, the output value of the emergency industry will be further expanded and show a high growth trend. Meanwhile, the emergency industry provides a strong impetus to the upstream and downstream industries and new economic growth points are formed. 

The emergency industry in Sichuan is in the initial stage. 

However, an officer of Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information says the emergency industry of Sichuan is still in the initial stage generally and there are still some problems to be solved. 

According to Sichuan Provincial Government, the scale of the emergency industry will be expanded significantly and the emergency industry system will be basically formed by 2020 to provide strong support to prevent and deal with emergencies and become an important driving force for the development of economic society. This is the first time that the Central Government makes overall arrangements for the development of the emergency industry. The huge emergency industry is involved in more than a dozen emerging industries including equipment, materials, medicine and light industry, and it is becoming another important field for enterprises to make money.

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