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Today Shanghai Intelligent Emergency Industry Alliance is Established to Ensure the Security
Date:2015-03-31 Source:CSIA

On the afternoon of March 30, "Shanghai Intelligent Emergency Industry Alliance" launched by more than 30 enterprises and public institutions, research institutes and industry organizations in the emergency industry related fields was established in Shanghai. Shao Zhiqing, the Deputy Director of Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission, attended the meeting and participated in the inauguration of the Alliance. 

With the accelerating urbanization process in China and a sharp increase in urban floating population, the urban public security management and emergency response capabilities increasingly become a major social problem concerned by the government and the public. On December 8, 2014, the State Council issued "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Emergency Industry" to accelerate the development of the emergency industry, break through key technical bottlenecks, improve the overall level of the emergency industry and the core competitiveness and enhance the industry support capability for prevention and handling of emergencies. 

Currently, Shanghai has had a leading industrial base and comparative advantage in the intelligent emergency field based on the new generation of information technologies. The Shanghai Intelligent Emergency Industry Alliance established will further promote the docking of resources at the upstream and downstream of industry chain and is of great significance in the implementation of the strategy "innovation-driven development, economic transformation and upgrading", the construction of a technical innovation center with international influence, the development of intelligent city and the promotion of "four new" economies. 

It is reported that the Shanghai Intelligent Emergency Industry Alliance includes the upstream and downstream organizations of related industry chains such as commodity, product and service providers, communications operators, research institutes and industry services, and has the new generation of IT development and application capabilities such as big data, Internet of Things and intelligent sensing devices. The Alliance will focus on the overall development plan of the intelligent emergency industry and aim at promoting the innovation and the development of the emergency industry in Shanghai, its surrounding regions and even our nation to establish a sharing mechanism of resource information and intellectual property concerning the industry-university-research-application in the intelligent emergency field. It will innovate in the technologies to realize the real-time emergency security capability for urban transport, exhibitions, large shopping districts and other important fields. It also will establish a public service platform for industrial personnel training and international cooperation. On critical and major issues of independent industrial technological innovation, the Alliance will organize enterprises, research institutes and universities to conduct technical cooperation, break the core technical bottlenecks of industrial development, realize the effective division and reasonable convergence of innovation resources as well as the intellectual property sharing, and Promote the establishment of a technological innovation platform in the Shanghai intelligent emergency field. 

In the future, the Shanghai Intelligent Emergency Industry Alliance will continue to integrate social resources of all parties, actively promote the development of emergency industry, build the Alliance to be an influential platform for communication and cooperation, demonstration and application and promotion and effectively promote the security of urban production and life via the industrial development so that Shanghai is at the leading position of the emergency industry with international influence.

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