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Exchange with CASC Sixth Academy 101 Institute leaders
Date:2015-03-24 Source:CSIA

March 18, CASC Sixth Academy 101 Institute deputy director Zhang Kui, Wang Xiangcheng and their party were invited to the forum for communication. Director Wang Zhongmao, deputy director Wang Chunguang, deputy director Dong Wenxue and other related staffs of Safety Assessment Room and Engineering Protection Room participated in the exchange.  

At the forum, Wang Zhongmao director introduced 207 Institute’s related business areas and services. He said that 207 Institute as the only security technology research unit in the defense industry has been standing in the national strategic and overall perspective all along, and gained high recognition of industry and SASTIND in the safety evaluation, assessment, technical services and other aspects of reviewing industry technology projects. For a long time, 217 Institute has provided 101 Institute with a lot of technical services. We cooperated and supported each other, and forged a profound friendship. 217 Institute will endeavor to play a full range of strategic cooperation with 101 Institute.  

101 Institute's leaders thanked 217 Institute for long-term support and cooperation, and introduced the future development and project planning and construction of 101 Institute.


Through in-depth discussion, both sides agreed to use their respective advantages to extend the scope and field of security cooperation, and strengthen cooperation and research on related product safety specifications.  

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