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The latest progress of World Trade Center Tower III Project
Date:2015-03-24 Source:CSIA

The frame erection was completed, and current programs are installing lifting points, lifting pulley blocks, and electrical equipment, improving the bottom meshes, scaffolding planks and sealing flaps, and preparing for upgrading.  



Beijing World Trade Center Tower III B tower is a hybrid structure of frame and core tube, 59 floors above ground, external protective structural is made of Integrated lifting Protection platform (9.0), which is provided by Beijing Tao Sheng Technology Development Co., The applicable scope of protection platform is L7-L47 layer, the story height of each layer is described as follows: L7-L25 layer 3.85m, L26 layer 4.15m, L27 layer 5.40m, L28 layer 4.90m, L29 layer 6.00m, L30-L42 layer 4.30m, L43 layer 5.30m, L44 layer 6.00m, L45-L47 layer 4.30m. The number of layer Y-column connections  in the L1's columns form changes to 32 from 16 of the basement, but through the inverted Y-column connections in L32 layer the number becomes 20. (8 cylinders in the corner). About the frame guide rail of this project, we need to consider positioning pillars, so as not to conflict with the pre-built-in tracks.

This project contains an integrated protection platform lift (9.0) as an external protective frame body, not only minimized the risk of a lot of high-altitude operations, but also saved a lot of steels, fasteners and other working materials. This practice is also in line with people-oriented scientific development and the advance direction of low-carbon, energy-saving, and green construction.  

Each building of this project was arranged 4 groups of 45 pin main frames, the perimeter of the frame body is 183m, and the height is 16m.  

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