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Zhejiang Public Security Department signed a cooperation agreement with Hikvision
Date:2015-04-28 Source:CSIA

April 27, Public Security Department of Zhejiang Province signed a cooperation agreement with Hikvision. Liu Liwei, member of the standing committee of CPC Zhejiang provincial committee and director of public safety, Li Weiting, deputy director, as well as Hikvision chairman Chen Zongnian and CEO Hu Yangzhong attended the signing ceremony. This cooperation was under the specific requirements to further improve crime prevention and control system, strengthen construction of prevention in security technology, and follow the document of Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement between Zhejiang Provincial People's Government and China Electronics Technology Group Corporation. This was a vivid embodiment and specific practice showing that Public Security Department of Zhejiang Province conscientiously carry out the Opinions of CPC Central Committee and State Council on Strengthening the Construction of Crime Prevention and Control System. 

Recently, the Party Central Committee and State Council issued Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Crime Prevention and Control System. The document clearly stated that we must focus on improving the ability to ensure public safety under dynamic and informational conditions, with enhance of people's sense of security and satisfaction as the goal, highlight of security problem as the orientation, innovation of institutions and systems as the motivation, informatization as the guidance, construction of infrastructure as the support, adhere to systems management, rule of law, comprehensive management, source control, improve the crime prevention and control system which combines point, line and plane, online and offline, civil defense, physical defense and technical prevention, prevention and control, to ensure national long-term peace, social stability and that people live and work in peace". Based on a profound understanding of the central spirit, with people's sense of security as the core, starting from overall national situation and interests of people, Public Security Department of Zhejiang Province combined the specific situation of Zhejiang social security to strengthen and promote the construction of crime prevention and control system.  

Based on the requirements of innovative crime prevention and control system, strengthening public security management, and effectively enhancing people's sense of security, both sides established a close cooperative relationship, gave full play to their strengths, jointly carried out technology applications and research in the fields of video surveillance and intelligent police and accelerated the promotion and application of related technology and research results in public security organs at all levels in Zhejiang Province.  

It is understood that both sides would carry out in-depth cooperation in "scientific theory research and the scientific research project", "jointly developing practical application technology research and platform construction", "building a joint laboratory to carry out research cooperation," and "carrying out talent training and video communication of police application".  

Theory is the guide of practice, meanwhile, the theory requires testing through practice. Public Security Department of Zhejiang Province used Hikvision's technical superiority in video surveillance and experience in planning and construction of public security video surveillance, carried out front-end scientific theory research together with Hikvision, to provide theoretical guidance for scientific planning and implementation in public security prevention and control system across the province. At the same time, Zhejiang Institute of Public Security Technology (iPST), which belongs to Public Security Department of Zhejiang Province, could carry out in-depth cooperation with Hikvision in technical studies, project construction, and declared related projects and tasks of the nation or Ministry of Public Security. 

Pay attention to the complementary advantages and focus on practical applications. Based on actual demand of Public Security Department of Zhejiang Province and public security department at the grass-roots level in cities and counties, with Hikvision's advantages of brand, technology, personnel, capital and services in digital security, to participate in the research of video-image application among all the police carried out by provincial public security organs at all levels, colleges and research institutes. Based on the technologies of video-image structuralization, cloud storage & cloud computing and big data, to realize and promote the actual combat of public security organs at all levels. 

"Joint Lab" is a vivid embodiment of innovation model, and is also an important carrier of innovation. It is needed to combine research resources and industry resources of Zhejiang Public Security Department in public security science and technology with Hikvision's hardware & software equipment and technology, choose to adapt to key research projects, and jointly develop new technologies and products. On the other side, based on national-level attention to network security issues, Internet police force of Zhejiang Public Security Department cooperated with Hikvision to build a "drop-in" system security technology laboratory, crack network security issues encountered in the application of new technologies, and strive to create a good social benefits.  

Talent is the core, as well as the driving force to promote innovation. Based on public security's actual combat and the need of construction of police science and technology, to carry out the training of video detection technology, safety guard and other related businesses, in order to contribute to the training of professionals who can adapt to the development of modern science and technology of public security. It will also promote domestic and foreign exchanges and cooperation in the application of video in police, actively participate in relevant academic exchanges, introduce related theories, advanced technology and equipment of scientific and technological researches in policing at home and abroad, and upgrade the application of video in police of Zhejiang province. 

Liu Liwei said at the meeting that by strengthening all-round cooperation between police and enterprises, gathering social resources and innovating three-dimensional prevention and control system, to further strengthen the construction of crime prevention and control system, strive to enhance people's sense of security, create greater social value, create a safe Zhejiang and strive to walk in the forefront of the country.

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