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VitaLong held the 2015 strategic business adjustment meeting
Date:2015-05-27 Source:CSIA

In order to adapt to "new normal" under new economy, start a new journey of group control , and cope with current complex economic situation and fierce market competition, VitaLong Fire Production Co. , Ltd. held the 2015 strategic adjustment meeting from April 27 to 28. During the two-day meeting, functional departments delivered a thematic report on the accomplishment of operational and managerial objectives in the first quarter of 2015, and proposed improvement measures on the problems existing in work. All business divisions, branched and subsidiaries reported on the accomplishment of contractual target, payment collection index, and sales revenue.  

Chairman Wang Yingbiao delivered an important speech and deployed major work for the second half of the year. He pointed out that we should focus on the development strategies of collectivization, industrialization and globalization, earnestly discuss the company's adaptation of development strategies and national strategies, size up the situation, and carry out partial adjustments in the four aspects of marketing model, product strategy, business model, corporate finance. We should rely on the development opportunities offered by MYJQ, CSIA and industrial transformation center of China-ZSYZ, to strengthen counterpart, cross-border, cross-industry and cross-sectional channel & resources integration. He also stressed that the company should strive to establish a set of group control system which is legal and compliant, sustainable, practicable and match with the company's business development. During the meeting, the vice presidents in charge of the company's related departments also made relevant requirements. Zhou Xiangang, the deputy general manager, suggested that the group control should rely on perfect system, because the system is the key to success for enterprise. The company should base on planning and focus on financial management. By starting with self-change and revolution, it can enhance execution of the team and its own, strengthen the management team's sense of responsibility for object performance, budget management, internal control & construction. Wang Haiyan, the vice general manager, also analyzed and summarized the contract delivery process and the existing problems. She emphasized that the company's development must take market as the premise, focus on customer needs, and adapt to market changes. Correction mechanism should be established from the client and turned into a standardized system of internal innovation. Meanwhile, she also emphasized that the company should establish internal coordination communication mechanism and responsibility assessment mechanism, to break the barriers between different sectors, conform to the trend of borderless organization management development. 

During the meeting, personnel from each branch and subsidiary conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on how to adapt to the new group control mode and achieve new goals and tasks, and also put forward opinions and suggestions on that. Meanwhile, the participants also had done a wonderful sharing on the trend of "Internet + Fire Production". 

Confronted with the complex economic situation, the company's management assessed the situation and adjusted the operational principles, business objectives and business strategies, so as to clarify ideas and direction for the company's development, unify the thinking, strengthen the confidence, specify the tasks, to develop a clear roadmap for all functional departments, business divisions, branches and subsidiaries and showed the direction for the company's future development.

Participants doing a wonderful sharing during the meeting.
Chairman Wang delivering the important speech.

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