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Atisafe actively participate in cultural exchanges of Go in Huai'an
Date:2015-05-28 Source:CSIA


Little Go players playing tensely.


Little Go players collecting their prizes.


Workshops of Huai'an Base are clean and bright.


May 22, the Go Tournament between Beijing ELG Central Primary School and Huai'an Experimental Primary School, entitled "Make friends by Go, promote intergrowth education", which was sponsored by China Wide Prevention Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Atisafe) ended successfully in Hebei Huai'an CGB Experimental Primary School. Chu Zhiyuan, general manager of Atisafe Hebei delivered a speech. It was Atisafe's first time to participate in local cultural exchanges since Huai'an Base was established, and it was the company's new try to practice corporate social responsibility and culture poverty alleviation. 

General manager Chu Zhiyuan made warm remarks on the event. "As a high-tech enterprise which specializes in operation services, R&D and manufacture of remote intelligent monitoring system in the field of security, fire protection, safe production, Atisafe has been committed to active and effective exploration in terms of cultural exchanges, strived to practice corporate social responsibility, and tried to build a new stage of love and dedication." he said.

"At present, our company has settled in Huai'an Chaigoubao Industrial Park, and is building a intelligent remote monitoring industrial park, which includes equipment production & assembly area, debugging experiment area, stock area, data center, call center, staff quarters, cafeteria, training center and other places. Huai'an Base has received great attention and support from local government and people since it was founded. In order to better integrate into Huai'an, the 'National Hometown of Go' and understand Go culture, our company sponsored this Go Tournament between Beijing ELG Central Primary School and Huai'an Experimental Primary School. We hope to make a modest means to build a platform for cultural exchanges and dedication of love, as to contribute to the development of Huai'an culture. "

The event was hosted by deputy secretary of Huai'an County. Part of leadership from education sector of Zhangjiakou and Huai'an, as well as the two school's principals, teachers and little Go players, a total of more than 80 people attended the event. 

40 little Go players from two schools officially kicked off the game after the referee read the competition rules, and they fought against each other on the board intensely. The game successfully ended after more than one hour. Subsequently, the organizing committee distributed souvenirs among the little players, and then representatives of teachers and students from two schools and the leaders took a group photo to mark the occasion.  

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