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Chongqing held National Highway Safety & Life Protection Project Council
Date:2015-04-25 Source:CSIA

April 24, State Administration of Work Safety, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Communications jointly held National Highway Safety & Life Protection Project Council in Chongqing. Leaders of bureaus of work safety from 37 provinces and municipalities with independent planning status attend the meeting and have in-depth exchanges of views. Liu Qiang, vice mayor of Chongqing, attended the meeting and delivered a speech; Sun Huashan, deputy director of State Administration of Work Safety,  attended the meeting and gave the speech entitled "To overcome difficulties, lay solid foundation and step up upgrading the ability to guarantee road safety", which stressed that we should fully recognize the significance of implementing Highway Safety & Life Protection Project, and confirmed the obvious effect of road safety inspection and remediation. The speech specifically mentioned that Chongqing made "Life Project" a part of the city's livelihood projects for ten years in a row, accumulating total investment of 2.6 billion yuan, installing 1.6 kilometers of fence, reducing 3600 vehicle falling accidents and avoiding 7800 casualties. It developed innovation in the exploration and implementation of leading investment and financing mode, explored and carried out accumulated advanced experience and practices. 

The meeting stressed that although road safety inspection and remediation has achieved remarkable results, we should have a clear understanding of prominent problems and weaknesses existed in our highway safety, and call on all localities, departments and units to intensify and accelerate the promotion of Highway Safety & Life Protection Project.  

Implementation of protection project is a realistic request to realize people-oriented concept, an urgent demand to speed up adaptation to new situation and challenges, and also an important measure to effectively prevent road accidents which cause mass death and casualty. The meeting thoroughly implemented the "Opinions of General Office of the State Council on the Implementation of Highway Safety & Life Protection Project", summed up and promoted the experience of Chongqing Highway Safety & Life Protection Project. It had far-reaching significance to the promotion of regional road safety inspection and remediation, and effective prevention of serious road accidents.

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