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Road safety intelligent protective fence

Currently, the mileage of roads open to traffic in China is 4.2 million kilometers, including approximately 1 million kilometers composed of dangerous sections adjacent to water and cliff, continuous downgrade sections, sharp turns and abrupt slopes. In 2013, more than 660 thousand road traffic accidents occurred in China, killing and wounding more than 590 thousand persons, 1600 casualties per day, which was 8.5 times higher than that in the developed countries.  

Casualties in road traffic accidents take up 65% of national work safety accidents, including 15% of accidents in which persons fall into water. In 2002, Chongqing Municipal People's Government took the lead in implementing the road guardrail "life project" namely installing road guardrails at dangerous sections adjacent to water and cliff, continuous downgrade sections, sharp turns and abrupt slopes in debt in advance. This action is highly affirmed by all ministries. In 2004, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Communications held an on-the-spot meeting in Chongqing. In 2012, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Communications and the State Administration of Work Safety Jointly issued a document, requiring to further promote the in-advance installation experience of road guardrails in Chongqing so as to effectively promote road guardrail "life project".  

With independent intellectual property right, the intelligent road guardrail collision monitoring system (intelligent guardrail for short) is a high-tech product and fills in a market gap. It is composed of a monitor terminal, a terminal system, a vehicle identification system, a communication interaction system and a monitoring and processing platform. It is featured by "reporting immediately after collision, rapid rescue, preventing secondary disaster and jointly protecting the evidence". It can save the manpower and material resources, reduce road patrol intensity of traffic policemen, help implement emergency rescue in time and reduce casualties.

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