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Safety intelligent parking garage

At present, there are 137 million motor vehicles in China but there are only 45 million parking spaces. There shall be 178 million parking spaces according to the proportion of motor vehicles to parking spaces, parking difficulty in cities seriously affects urban investment environment and becomes the "bottle-neck" of restricting urban and regional social economic development . The people are looking forward to solving such difficulty.  The safe, intelligent and mechanical spatial parking system can save land and utilize space to the utmost extent, and utilize mobile Internet, Internet of things and big data technology to innovate smart and safe city so as to solve urban parking difficulty, traffic jamming and land shortage. The existing garage additional story, ground parking additional story and subsiding corner idle land can be used for building high-rise parking garage, and subsiding green land can be recovered to be green land after being used for building underground garage, especially shopping centers, restaurants, schools, hospitals, real estate, residential areas and other public places shall be provided with intelligent spatial parking spaces to facilitate car owners, efficiently resolve the parking difficulty and traffic jamming. Meanwhile, an intelligent parking system based on Internet of things is developed to provide citizens with comprehensive automatic information service during traveling, business and parking processes.

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