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Automatic car bumper

Currently, more than 660 thousand road traffic accidents occur in China every year, and accidents caused by automobile crash due to speeding takes up about 20%, ranking first. Automatic automobile bumper is a high-tech product integrating sound, light, electricity and machine. It can automatically give early warning in advance to remind the driver of concentrating on driving when the motor vehicle encounters obstacle which becomes a danger to this motor vehicle in front on the road; make the motor vehicle automatically decelerate and make time for the driver for treatment when the danger aggravates; help the driver to brake the motor vehicle before occurrence of the accident to avoid accident or minimize harm to the driver when the driver can not treat the danger in time or takes improper measures due to fatigue or other reasons. Simultaneously, it also can automatically trigger the stop lamps in advance in the automatic braking process to prevent rear-end collision. In addition, the braking distance is more than a quarter shorter than the national standard, so the motor vehicle can have stable state and be free of line deviation and drift, which greatly improves safety. The product passes certification by national authorities and TS16949 certification, and is a god of protection for automobile safety.

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