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Barrier and explosion-proof skid mounted refueling device

There are approximately 500 thousand fueling stations and refueling units which are flammable and explosive places with high risks and in which safety accidents happen occasionally. The separate and explosion-proof technology can effectively prevent explosion of flammable and explosive gaseous and liquid hazardous chemicals caused by unexpected accidents (e.g., static electricity, welding, gunshot, collision and misoperation) during their storage and transportation, and achieve intrinsic safety of such chemicals during storage and transportation fundamentally. This technology fills in the international and domestic gap in this field. This technology has successfully served Beijing Olympic Games, the 60th anniversary of National Day and Shanghai World Expo, and played an important role in rescue and relief work and post-disaster reconstruction of Wenchuan and Yushu, and it is called "A revolution in fueling station" by various circles of society.

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