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urban intelligent pipe network

In recent years, the cities in our country develop in super express and change quickly. Safety construction of underground pipe network is in serious shortage, resulting in occasional major accidents. The "comprehensive safety management system of urban underground pipelines", from six aspects namely material, detection, protection, monitoring, control and management, achieves the function of monitoring hazardous gases in underground drainage pipelines in real time, and automatically controlling disposal, damage resistance and corrosion protection of oil-gas pipelines, 3D imaging of underground pipelines and intelligent analysis and monitoring of pipeline running data, and provides comprehensive safety guarantee for various pipe networks including petroleum and natural gas pipe network, urban water supply and drainage pipe network, power and communication pipe network, heating pipe network and septic tank, and uses information technology of Internet of things, automation control technology and comprehensive management technical means to construct a comprehensive "urban intelligent pipe network" shared by multiple industries and departments.  Such system has been demonstrated and applied in many areas of Southwest China with Chongqing as the center, and has given real-time alarms for approximate 10 million times automatically, therefore effectively eliminating safety risk and obtaining good social benefit and economic benefit.

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