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Security Industry Supervisory Platform of Internet of Things
Security Internet of Things (IOT) Monitoring and Management Platform is a high-quality IOT and cloud computing platform, which combines integration, unification, intensification and functionization of information resources. It is highly integrated based on intelligent applications, realizing a high degree of information sharing and wide application.

Such platform consists of a sound infrastructure, diversified intelligent algorithms and rich platform application services. It covers many areas including security, fire safety, safety production, safe transportation, intelligent power distribution monitoring, electrical fire, and integrated management. Moreover, it designs a comprehensive permission management system by taking into account the requirements for information safety.

It can achieve the comprehensive monitoring, early warning and prevention disposal for various potential risks, by means of cloud computing, IOT and intelligent video, so as to realize information sharing, data normalization, unified command and control, intelligent decision-making support, for genuine implementation of information construction in the new era.

This system platform draws high attention from MIIT and has become a dedicated national platform of China Safety Industry Association.

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