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China Safety Industry Association
China Safety Industry Association is a state-level social organization of Class-I, established in Beijing on December 21, 2014. The association always adheres to the purpose of serving the industry, serving the government and serving the members. It has formed 14 branches such as IOT Branch, Fire Branch, Construction Branch, Mining Branch, Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Branch, and has carried out international exchange and cooperation with the United States, South Korea, Czech Republic, Italy and other countries, forming a system of social organizations involving the main industries and fields of safety and emergency industry. 
On August 7, 2020, the association held a general meeting and established a new leadership team. The association will be based on the promotion of safety and emergency industry development, with a deep understanding of safety and emergency response needs, and developed the "123" development plan.
One strategic vision: to become a first-class industry association recognized by the industry, respected by the society and trusted by the government.

Two major functions: First, to strengthen the policy system research, to be a good advisor and assistant to the government, and to participate in promoting the modernization of safety and emergency management system and capacity; second, to build a platform for the common construction and sharing of industry innovation resources, to gather industry wisdom and strength, and to participate in promoting the great development of safety and emergency industry. 

Three main lines of work: First, to build a multi-party communication platform for consolidating the government-enterprise communication platform, expanding the industry communication platform, and expanding the international communication platform; second, to strengthen the enterprise service line, effectively express the demands on behalf of enterprises, and provide them with practical and appropriate services; third, to build a firm industry self-regulation line, and play a due role in safeguarding the rights and interests of the industry and regulating the development of the industry. 

China Safety Industry Association will continue to play a good role as a bridge and link between enterprises and the government, coordinate the forces of all parties in the national safety and emergency industry, strengthen international cooperation, and will contribute to the common promotion of the great development of the safety and emergency industry through various forms of activities such as exhibition and display, seminars and exchanges, and product promotion.
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